Mykonos for the Adventurous

Mykonos may be best known for endless parties, heavenly beaches and as a playground for the rich and famous, but there is more to the island – the adventurous side. In this post, we present Mykonos for the adventurous.  


Action Packed Days in Mykonos  

Do you love a little action packed adventure in your holiday? Go ahead and read our list of recommended things to do on the island that will get your pulse racing.

Water Sports 

 For sure you’ll experience Mykonos from its shores. So, how about exploring the island from its magical coastline? For water enthusiasts, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy a great variety of water sports including water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing and paragliding.

There is something for every taste and every age. Every try sea kayaking? It is a fun way to explore the seas and gain a unique perspective of the natural beauty of the Mykonian coastline.


Hiking in Mykonos

 Mykonos may not be on the radar as a top hiking destinations, but you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there several scenic routes that will take you on new adventures. The hike up to the Monastery of Paleokastro is one of our favorites. The trail follows a hilly path north of Ano Mera where an 18th-century monastery was built. A few remains of the medieval castle that stood before the monastery remain. The view is unforgettable.


Another trail which you want to take leads from the village of Ano Mera and descends to Lia beach. The route which passes through mountain slopes and the coastline. At the end, the reward is diving into turquoise waters. There are easier routes that lead you from one beach to another offering captivating views. Tip: Don’t forget to wear a hat, comfortable shoes, sun screen, sunglasses and pack a bottle of water.


Explore Mykonos on a Bicycle 

 yummy pedals bike tour mykonos

Bicycling never gets old, and riding through the unknown routes of Mykonos can definitely add excitement to your holiday. One of the activities that we recommend is the bicycle tour called Yummy Pedals, organized by Mykonos Vioma. Not only will you escape to the rural areas of Mykonos but you’ll get to explore the island’s pristine beaches. Afterwards, learn more about the Mykonian food traditions and get to taste the local wine and delicacies. Food and exercise combined!  


Scuba Diving 


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Discover the underwater world of Mykonos which showcases an incredible diversity of marine life. Explore the shipwreck ANNA II, a 62-meter-long cargo ship that sunk in the southeastern part of Mykonos in 1995, which rests on the sea bed close to Lia beach. You can also spend the day scuba diving or snorkeling around pristine locations that are not accessible by car.  


RIB Boat Excursions

Rib Cruise boat Mykonos

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Enjoy an action packed day, ideal for the whole family, by renting a RIB boat which stands for rigid-inflatable boat. It is a lightweight but high-performance boat that boat enthusiasts love. Renting a RIB boat is a fun way to zip in the waters around Mykonos and further out towards Delos


We hope that we have inspired to plan for some action packed days in Mykonos. Is Mykonos for the adventurous? It seems so. Have you done any of the mentioned activities, or what do you recommend? 

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