Museums in Mykonos – Island Culture and History

For a glimpse of Mykonoian history, culture and life head to one of the museums in Mykonos.  Here’s a look at the island’s museums dedicated to the Cycladic island’s place in history and in Greek culture.

The Aegean Maritime Museum

The Aegean Maritime Museum focuses on the Greek nautical tradition and history. Exhibits include ship models from the early Minoan period to the 20th century.  There are also historic shipping documents, and fantastic old maps. Its library holds 5,000 rare books and has an archive of historic manuscripts and photos.  An outdoor exhibit displays various marble artifacts from Delos and Mykonos.

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

The archaeological museum has an impressive collection of ancient vases, intricately designed. Some date back to the prehistoric times. One famous artifact is called the Archaic Hydria, a vase embellished with images of horses and intricately designed floral patterns.  Another popular artifact is a second century clay figurine of a woman wearing a traditional chiton and himation.

Folklore Museum of Mykonos

The antiquities on exhibit at the folklore museum are from the 19th century.  You’ll find vintage furniture, ancient tools and ceramic works, oil lamps, collections of keys and locks, historical photographs and traditional Greek musical instruments.  The museum also features island handicrafts and embroideries, textile collections, fine etchings of island shipping vessels and beautiful paintings.  The well-preserved canons on display remind visitors of the 1821 Greek War for Independence.   The museum also runs the agricultural museum in Ano Myli and Lena’s House at Tria Pigadia in Mykonos Town.

folklore museum myk 2

Folklore Museum of Mykonos

The Agricultural Museum

The Agricultural Museum gives visitors insight into the farming history of Mykonos, as it was before tourism took over the island. On display are authentic tools used in the past including la waterwheel, an outdoor oven and a wine press. The museum’s large whitewashed Boris windmill dates from the 16th century and was used to grind agricultural products.

Lena’s House

Lena’s House offers visitors a glimpse of a middle-class Mykonos island home during the 19th century.   The interior accurately represents the typical layout of a home during that time. It has a drawing room, two bedrooms, two courtyards and a dovecote.  The furnishings are authentic. You’ll find antique tapestries, wood carvings, old mirrors, paintings and more.  The museum is named after Lena Skrivanou, the last owner of the home.

lenas house photo

Lena’s House Museum

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