Experiential Travel on Mykonos

Experiential travel is the new buzzword everyone is talking about. With travel being easily accessible with a click of a button, holiday providers and destinations are seeking for alternative ways to entertain the savvy-travelers. So, what can you give to someone who has access to anything that money can buy? Experience!


Experiential Travel on Mykonos 

The trends in the luxury travel market are changing. The demands by Mykonian clientele are no exception. Those who have it all and seen it all are craving incredible travel experiences and to make the most of their time.

Many have moved away from just lazing on the beach and attending the hottest champagne parties, instead they are looking forward to making long-lasting memories.  

At Villa Hurmuses, we have embraced this trend and are dedicated to helping our guests put together epic travel itineraries, promising and delivering the most unique experiences. Our blog is dedicated to curating a list of things we have personally tried and loved. From cooking classes, bicycle tours, mosaic art classes and all sorts of immersions into an authentic Mykonian holiday. Check out some of our top picks.


Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking by Two Iliopoulos

This tops the list of the best travel experiences on Mykonos. Want to learn more about the Mykonian food culture and embark on a journey of exquisite tastes? Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking is a fascinating concept that introduces guests to authentic and traditional flavors of Mykonos. Find out more from our exclusive interview with the founder Two Iliopoulos here.


 Mykonos Sailing Trip with Mykonos on Board

 A fantastic way to visit the uninhabited isles, beautiful swimming coves and pristine hidden beaches is by joining a half-day Mykonos sailing trip. Captain Artemios books a group for up to eight people on his sailing boat.  This ensures it is a more intimate experience. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters and delicious lunch on board. Read about the full experience here.


Have a Perfect Picnic on Mykonos 

Mykonos offers an endless choice of beautiful spots to enjoy your perfect picnic. An outdoor picnic is one of the great joys of summer and we at Villa Hurmuses will be delighted to help you plan it. Discover more about the experience here.


Experience the best of Mykonos and beyond with Mykonos Yachting


In our Day Trip from Mykonos series which you will find on our blog we recommend visiting other Cyclades islands which are known for their remarkable architecture, wonderful beaches and relaxing atmosphere.

By chartering a private yacht, you will be able to discover Mykonos from a totally different perspective as well as visit other Cyclades islands.  See how you can plan a luxury yachting escape with Mykonos Yachting from our exclusive interview here.


Yummy Pedals: Bicycle Tours on Mykonos

Looking to experience an alternative side of Mykonos? A bicycle tour is an excellent way to explore the island’s hidden gems and to go beyond the beaten paths which have gained tremendous popularity over the years. A Yummy Pedals tour does not only consist of riding time. Dimitra the founder of this concept wants to transmit to her participants the love she has for Mykonos and her experiences as a local. Read more about this fun concept in our interview with Dimitra here.


Mykonian Mosaic Art

Mykonian mosaic art is a unique form of art you can admire at one special studio in Mykonos Town run by a mosaic artist and educator, Irene Syrianou.

Irene follows the ancient method of tessera cutting. If you want to learn more about this unique form of art, Irene gives seminars and tutorials for adults and children during the summer and winter months on Mykonos. Find out more from our interview with the artist herself here.

What do you think of experiential travel and what has been one of the most favorite travel experiences so far? If you have any specific travel experiences to recommend on Mykonos, let us know by commenting below. 

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