Delos 2015 Film Premiere in Mykonos Town


Delos 2015, a new movie about Delos, premiered in Mykonos Town.  Delos, one of most important historical, mythological and archaeological sites in Greece, is a favorite day excursion for our guests. This new film gives insight into why the tiny island is so significant.

Delos History

Delos is a special place in the Cyclades and holds a special place in Greek history. Located just two kilometers from Mykonos, the island sits right in the center of the Cycladics island chain.  In ancient times, Apollo’s sanctuary attracted pilgrims from all over Greece, and it was once a rich and cosmopolitan trading port.  Visitors can walk through the ruins left behind by the civilizations that thrived there.  Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Making of Delos 2015

The film Delos 2015, directed by international award-winning director Andonis Theocharis Kioukas and written by Alexandra Dimou and Dimitris Karavolas, aims portray about the diachronic meaning of the ancient island, and why it was a sacred place for centuries.  George Corraface, international Greek star of film and stage, narrates the film. Corraface is also known for his performance in the acclaimed film Politiki Kouzina known in English as A Touch of Spice.

The film makers and stars attended the premier screening at Cine Manto theatre in Mykonos Town earlier this month. There, they addressed the Mykonos community and press about what the film means to them.

Choraface and Kioukas discussing details for filming DELOS 2015

Delos 2015 is a film that does not approach the island of Delos scientifically nor does it purport to show the historical and archaeological truth, but it is a film about the light, that unique, mysterious, vital, purifying light. A film about the eternal journey of man and ideas, yesterday and today. A film about the personal journey of man to the center of his being.  A film about the humanitarian symbol for the universal truth of life, love and death. A film for the senses, and in learning from them, knowledge of the mind can follow … as it searches for the hidden to become apparent; lies become truth, darkness becomes light and the uncertain becomes Delos.”

-International award-winning director and director of Delos 2015, Andonis Theocharis Kioukas

Chorraface on Delos preparing to shoot a scene

Chorraface on Delos preparing to shoot a scene

“I remember Delos from many years ago. It really has not changed much since then. Guests stay in Mykonos for the beach, for holidays and parties for which it is famous, but they must become open to the spiritual wing that completes the experience through Delos.”

-Acclaimed Greek actor and narrator of Delos 2015, George Corraface

Choraface on Delos filming

Choraface on Delos filming

Discover Delos

Our guests can attest to the fact that Mykonos is full of great places to discover.   Delos continues to rank high among them as an incredibly unique site to experience.  We’re excited to see this new movie about Delos.

Have you ever been to Delos?

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