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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

Mykonos in Mythology

Like other destinations in Greece, Mykonos has its own special stories in Greek mythology.  Still admired and told today, the Greek myths associated with Mykonos answer the question of how the island formed and where it got its name. Continue Reading…


A great excursion from Mykonos is Antiparos. It’s a little island with a lot of charm.

Excursion from Mykonos: Antiparos

Antiparos is a Cycladic island next to Paros, its larger sister island. Both Paros and Antiparos have the same architectural look as Mykonos. Think whitewashed cubist homes, buildings and churches dotting a rocky landscape. Continue Reading…

Day Trip to Paros: Top Things To Do in Paros

Mykonos is one of the top visited islands in Greece: its unique location in the heart of the Cyclades makes it an ideal base for island hopping. Want to take a break from the beaches of Mykonos and explore the nearby islands? A day trip to Paros is something you might like to consider. From picturesque villages, rich architecture, superb beaches and gastronomic traditions — Paros is an ideal choice for all tastes and ages. Continue Reading…

Travel for Greek Orthodox Easter

If you’re planning to travel for Greek Orthodox Easter in Greece, it is a wonderful time to be here.

In Mykonos, just like the rest of the country, eggs are dyed red, the smell of sweet bread fills the air and touching religious ceremonies take place. These are customs that are steeped in centuries of tradition.

Greeks of all generations steadfastly follow Easter traditions. Across the islands and in the cities, a celebratory feeling slowly takes over leading up to Easter Sunday.  If you travel for Greek Orthodox Easter, you’ll be taking part in the most important holiday for the Greek people. Continue Reading…