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Best Beach Bars in Mykonos

The best beach bars in Mykonos are back for another summer season of beautiful island memories.

Here’s our rundown of where to go.

Best Beach Bars in Mykonos

One great thing that sets Mykonos apart from any other Greek island is how many amazing beach bars there are. Plus, they are set in the most beautiful locations with gorgeous design, amazing cuisine, super service and relaxing views.  What more could you want? Here’s our list of the best beach bars in Mykonos 2016.

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Where to Eat in Mykonos Town

Wondering where to eat in Mykonos Town?  Well, there are dozens upon dozens of choices of fantastic eateries and ambient restaurants to choose from.  We wanted to give you some ideas of the best places, where we love to go eat out in chora. 

Check out our first post on where to eat in Mykonos Town.  All of these restaurants are worth checking out when you stroll the whitewashed, bougainvillea clad paths of our beautiful main town on the island. Continue Reading…

My Big Fat TODAY Wedding: Honeymoon in Mykonos

It’s official! My Big Fat TODAY Wedding couple Kaitlin and John West will honeymoon in Mykonos at Villa Hurmuses. In honor of the release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 starring Nia Vardalos, NBC’s TODAY show joined forces with Universal Pictures to throw a “Big Fat” wedding celebration.

Married on the Move

The audience got to participate in the planning process of the first-ever ceremony “Married on the Move” which was broadcasted live from New York. The lucky couple who received this unusual wedding ceremony, Kaitlin Roseman and John West were selected by the audience, who also participated in selecting the gown, tux, flowers, wedding rings and many other aspects of their celebration.

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Spa in Mykonos: Top Facial Treatments

If you’re going to spa in Mykonos, go for some of the top facial treatments available today.  The best way to feel fresh as you go out and explore the island from day to night.

There are so many excellent facial rejuvenation treatments available on Mykonos featuring the top luxury spa brands.  Some facial treatments reduce wrinkles and fine lines, others treat skin problems such as acne and rosacea. Some are just perfect for enhancing an already great skin care regimen. Many of the Mykonian spas say clients ask for anti-ageing and moisturizing treatments. The demand for the top facial treatments continues to be a popular spa option because visitors want to look as fresh as possible following late nights of fun and good times in Mykonos.

Here are the four top facial treatments on the island for you to check out, a great addition to your special spa in Mykonos experience. Continue Reading…

Best Cocktails in Mykonos

There are many Mykonian venues that can claim they offer the best cocktails in Mykonos.  On this blog, we’re pointing out our favorites.

If you just feel like exploring the cocktail bar scene on the island famous for its nightlife, start out in the main town of Chora.  There you can find a large selection of trendy venues along the main pedestrian streets. There are even some tucked away in its little stone pathways.  The great thing about Mykonos is that there are nightlife options for everyone.  Continue Reading…

Greek Charity Work Makes a Difference

="Emfasis charity work in Greece"

Greek charity work is something Villa Hurmuses believes in.  That is why we are proud to support the non-profit organization called Emfasis. Emfasis was started by Greek citizens living abroad. They work with volunteers in Athens to respond to various social needs during the Greek economic crisis.

The organization relies 100 percent on private donations. More than 68,000 volunteers have participated in various project out on the streets of Greece.  Emfasis coordinates socio-educational missions that aim to help people who are socially vulnerable or socially excluded.

We sat down with Maria Karra and Katerina Velliou of Emfasis for this special blog post to bring more awareness to the great Greek charity work they are accomplishing.

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Planning a Villa Wedding in Mykonos | Part 3

The perfect island wedding takes planning.  When couples abroad opt for a beautiful villa wedding in Mykonos, not only do they consider our villa to host their dream wedding, they also seek out some extra help. We love recommending our friend and local wedding expert, Margarita Samanoglou.

Margarita offers consulting, planning and coordinating services at Dream Weddings Mykonos. This is our third and final interview with her for our special blog series called “Planning a Mykonos Wedding.” This time she sat down to talk to us about packing for your island wedding, bachelor and bachelorette parties and taking time out to relax.  Continue Reading…

4 Traditional Greek Salads to Try in Greece

One of the most popular dishes visitors ask for in Greece is a salad. In fact, the Greek salad has become a is favorite around the world.  While you are in Greece, there are an array of traditional Greek salads to try.  Not only are they healthy and fresh, they are simply delicious. Continue Reading…