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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

Top Cocktail Bars in Mykonos 

There is nothing better than time spent with friends, the thrills of watching the captivating Mykonian sunset and the taste of a refreshing signature cocktail. In Mykonos: Signature Cocktails never go out of style. Want to know which are the top Cocktail Bars in Mykonos? We have prepared a list introducing the best of the best.

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Chic Escape to Mykonos: What to Pack for Mykonos

Your chic escape to Mykonos may be just around the corner.  To make your life easier we have prepared a ladies’ style guide and what to pack for Mykonos to look fashionable, relaxed and Instagram worthy.

Whether you will be spending the day on the beach, wandering through the cobbled streets of Chora, dancing the night away in one of the trendiest nightclubs or enjoying a romantic dinner by the sea — combine some Grecian goddess armor with modern glamour and you will be dressed to impress! Continue Reading…

Gay Mykonos: A Friendly Holiday Destination

Mykonos is considered one of the top gay destinations in Europe and for good reason. There’s so much that gay Mykonos offers from incredible nightlife, excellent restaurants and fantastic things to do and see.

Gay Mykonos: A Perfect Holiday

Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean summer sun, idyllic beaches and fun lively nightlife? We’re proud that Mykonos has embraced it all. It’s all especially embraced by gay holiday makers from around the globe. There’s a good reason Mykonos has earned its reputation for being such a great gay friendly place to be on holiday. Continue Reading…

Party Beaches on Mykonos

The party beaches on Mykonos are a world on their own, full of energy, fun people, great music, fabulous cocktails and renowned DJs.

Party Beaches on Mykonos

We know our island is one of the most famous in Greece thanks to its natural beauty and cosmopolitan nightlife.  Experiencing the energy, vibe and fun at the party beaches on Mykonos should be on your list of things to do — if you love to dance and mingle. The party beaches here are unlike anywhere else in Greece, and we like to think – the world!

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Mykonos for the Adventurous

Mykonos may be best known for endless parties, heavenly beaches and as a playground for the rich and famous, but there is more to the island – the adventurous side. In this post, we present Mykonos for the adventurous.  


Action Packed Days in Mykonos  

Do you love a little action packed adventure in your holiday? Go ahead and read our list of recommended things to do on the island that will get your pulse racing.

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Greek Seafood in Mykonos

Enjoying Greek seafood in Mykonos is one of the culinary pleasures of visiting the island.  Like much of the country, the sea is everywhere you look so there are many delicious seafood dishes to choose from.  While you are in Mykonos, you’ll find the setting is the perfect place to enjoy such a meal. Continue Reading…

The Legend of Petros the Pelican

Say the word Mykonos and what comes to mind? A-list parties, international celebrities and the jet setters who lounge by the pools of their private villas. The truth is there is just one celebrity on the island. His name is Petros. He’s a pelican. He knows he’s a star. Continue Reading…

Villa Kitchen Hightlights: Moussaka

For all of you foodies out there, enjoying Greece’s famous dishes is just one reason to visit Greece and that includes savoring a classic moussaka recipe.

At Villa Hurmuses, we embrace the unique Greek food culture and we can help you learn to eat like a Greek! Our classic moussaka recipe includes basic ingredients. However, like every recipe at Villa Hurmuses, Ana Marie uses her secret techniques and above all applies her passion for cooking to create a delicious dishes for our guests. Continue Reading…