8 Travel Bloggers Share the One Place You Must Visit on Mykonos 

The summer months are the most popular time of year to visit Mykonos, however there are plenty of reasons to book your trip during shoulder season. In fact, it might be a brilliant idea as the large crowds would have disappeared, the rates have decreased and the weather is still beautiful. We’ve asked 8 travel bloggers to share one place you must visit on Mykonos. Read on to discover what they have to say. 

8 Travel Bloggers Share the One Place You Must Visit on Mykonos 

Go Sailing on Mykonos 

Todd Hata 

Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos is so nice and comfortable, I really didn’t want to leave the villa to explore the island.  But we had the opportunity to sail around Mykonos and the surrounding islands for a day with Mykonos On Board so we couldn’t pass that up.


Seeing Mykonos from the sailboat was incredible, being out on the clear blue water, just relaxing and taking in the sights.  We cruised around Mykonos and some of the other nearby islands, stopping in the shallow water for a quick swim, enjoying some snacks and wine, what an amazing day.  This truly is paradise, we were so sad that this was our last day on the island, but had such a great time we really couldn’t ask for anything more, except maybe a few more days.

Explore the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

Thomas Dowson of Archaeology Travel

On a rocky ledge overlooking the bay of Mykonos town is the island’s archaeology museum. Recently renovated (2017), the permanent displays show artefacts recovered from many decades of excavations on the islands of Mykonos, Rheneia and Delos.

Much of the display is given over to the changing pottery of the islands, from prehistory to the Late Hellenistic period. That’s a story to tell of over 2500 years! The final centuries of the Hellenistic period are represented with a much greater variety of artefacts, including evocative tombstones, beautifully crafted clay figurines and exquisite jewellery.

Besides the extensive displays of the archaeology of the local islands, pride of place goes to temporary exhibition space. These exhibitions are always in keeping with the cosmopolitan and luxury style of the island. When I visited in spring of 2018 I got to see ‘Vanity: Stories of Jewellery in the Cyclades’ . An extraordinary exhibition of artefacts covering over 5,000 years of history and the way people in the Cyclades have adorned themselves from prehistory to the present day.

If you are planning a trip to Mykonos to visit Delos, the museum is a must! Otherwise, the museum is a short walk from the Hora. A great place to get out of the heat and the tourist hub to see something of the island’s past.

Go Biking 

Mansoureh Farahani of Travel with Mansoureh 

Mykonos is an amazing island, but its beauty is not limited to the popular touristic places that you see on Instagram. There are many hidden gems on the island. Always cycling would help you to explore the off beaten tracks. 

I would say taking a bike tour in Mykonos is a must, because it is a very fun way to see more of the island and to learn about the culture.

When we were in Mykonos we took a bike tour with Yummy Pedals. If you are not a cyclist, but you know how to ride a bike, you can take the tour. We were a group, some of us were cyclists like us and some hadn’t ridden a bike for a decade. The tour started with some instructions about the gears and shifting, so that helped a lot and made a trip easier. Moreover, the pace was medium and everyone was happy about that, when there was a hill, some could walk while others cycled to the top. There was no pressure at all. We went to the gorgeous Fokos beach, where mostly locals to know about. We had the whole beach for ourselves. Unfortunately, the weather was not great and it wasn’t warm enough to swim, so we enjoy the empty beach and took some photos. 


Take a day trip to Delos

Chrysoula Manika of Travel Passionate 

If you are visiting Mykonos, a day-trip to the archeological site of Delos is an absolute must-do!  Delos is just a 30-minute ferry ride from Mykonos and is home to colossal antiquities from the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods.

The island’s history dates back to 3000 B.C. and was once a religious and political epicentre of Ancient Greece. The ancient island is sometimes referred to as “the sacred island,” or “the island of light,” because it’s the mythological birthplace of Apollo, the god of light, and Artemis, the goddess of night light. In the island’s peak, pilgrims flocked to pay tribute to the twin gods. One of the highlights of the island is the Terrance of Lions. The row of towering stone lions symbolically guard the site and was a gift to Apollo. Once a wealthy port, Delos is now essentially uninhabited and the island’s sole purpose is dedicated to the preservation of the archaeological site for tourists. You actually can’t spend the night on the island, so you’ll have to squeeze all of the sights into one day! Added to the cadre of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1990, Delos is the best archeological site to visit in Greece and one of the best worldwide. 


Spend a day at Mykonos Vioma 

Daryl & Mindi Hirsch 2foodtrippers

Most people don’t realize that Mykonos has wonderful wine and food in addition to its scenic views. To experience Mykonos cuisine for yourself, we recommend spending an afternoon at Mykonos Vioma, a working farm where you can drink locally produced organic wine and eat regional specialties including Greek cheese, cured meats and horiatiki salad. You can even arrange a guided bike tour if you’re feeling adventurous. Either way, be sure to end your farm visit with a sweet treat. We ended ours with kalathaki, a Mykonos dessert made with almonds, cinnamon and lemon. Without a doubt, spending a day at Mykonos Vioma is a must for all food and wine loving visitors to Mykonos.

Go to Elia Beach 

Margherita Ragg of The Crowded Planet

One of the reasons why I love Mykonos so much is that there are so many different beaches to choose from, depending on your mood. Would you like to party? Go to Paradise Beach. Would you like a family beach? Go to Ornos. However, the best of all Mykonos beaches in my opinion is Elia Beach – make sure you don’t miss paying a visit. Elia Beach is very vast, and has a lot to offer – there are facilities with sun loungers and umbrellas if you wish to relax, hidden coves (some are also nudist friendly!) is you want to get away from the crowds, and the opportunity to enjoy water sports like parasailing and windsurfing. Not to mention, it’s stunningly beautiful, but that goes without saying!

Watch the sunset from Castle Panigirakis 

Inma Gregorio of A World to Travel

Located up on a hill, Castle Panigirakis in Mykonos Town is a unique location for incredible sunset views overlooking the Aegean Sea and an unforgettable yoga experience and a place that should be added to every Mykonos sunset itinerary. Take deep, slow breaths and enjoy heart-stopping vistas in one of the best vantage points on the island. Castle Panigirakis is also a great choice for photographs, views of windmills and other interesting things like its unique history and iconic arch. There is a bar for drinks and snacks with plenty of seating options. A must when in Mykonos.

Visit Little Venice

Kaila Yu of Nylon Pink

One place that you must visit when traveling to Mykonos is Little Venice, full of delicious waterfront dining options. It’s been featured in many paintings and is the pretty photographic backdrop to your trip. It is especially beautiful during sunset! The area is lined with houses built by fishermen in the 18th century that are standing right on the water, and the area is reminiscent of Venice in Italy, thus it’s nickname!

Most of these houses are now home to restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. This is a super popular dinner destination so make sure to make your reservations in advance. This area is easy to find, it’s just down the road from the famous Mykonos windmills. 

We hope that this post inspires you to visit Mykonos if you haven’t already done so. What’s your favourite place to visit on Mykonos? 

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